With the step-by-step instructions in this video, you can assemble your Smart-Dry Flex to suit your space. First watch the video in its entirety so that you can understand all the work steps well.

Subtitles in the desired language can be set in the video settings.


It is best to carefully place all the parts for the flexible drying rack next to each other. You will also need scissors, a tape measure and a drill.

For ceiling and wall mounting, please check the condition of your walls first. You may need additional dowels.


First assemble the frame of the drying rack according to the instructions. With the tube “D” (8 holes) you can determine the size of the frame. To do this, insert tube “D” into the open ends of tubes “B” and slide the tubes together to the desired size.


Insert the bolt into the hole of tube "B" and adjust the position of "tube "D" until you can slide the bolt all the way through both tubes. Use the nut to fix this screw.

It is best to first fix both tubes “D” on one side each and then join both frame halves together.


The next step is to attach the clothesline to the frame. The double knot shown in the video has proven to be very effective. By threading the cord back and forth through all the holes, you can tension the line very easily.


To find the correct positions for ceiling mounting, you can stop the finished frame in the appropriate place and mark the corners with a pen. An approximate mark will suffice.


Now drill a hole in the ceiling at each mark and fasten the ceiling rollers using the appropriate dowels. Depending on the material the ceiling is made of, you may be able to do without the dowels.


The wall rollers both attach to the wall on the same side of the frame. Keep a distance of 6-10 centimeters under the ceiling and 6-8 centimeters from each other.


Attach the reel vertically under these wall rollers. This should be 70 centimeters above the floor so that you can comfortably set the right height for your Smart-Dry Flex. Matching dowels are available for the reel.


Now you can turn to the suspension cable. You need four ropes, which you can cut from the enclosed rope. Measure out two pieces of 4 meters each and two more pieces of 3.5 meters each. The longer cords are for the frame side farther from the wall pulleys.


Pull the ropes through the hole in the angle pieces. Fix the rope with a double knot. The drying rack then rests on this knot. Pass each rope over the ceiling pulley located over each frame corner and over one of the two wall double pulleys.


You can now grab all four fastening ropes together and pull the frame up. Straighten the frame under the blanket by pulling each cord accordingly. You can now pull all four cords together through the ring on the reel and fix them with a knot. Another fastening rope is already rolled up here so that you can lower the frame with the crank. To adjust the drying rack to the desired height, you can attach a hook to the wall into which you can hang the ring on the fastening rope.

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