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Before you can attach the Dry-Smart INout drying rack to the wall, please mount the aluminum rods on the extendable supports. To do this, you only have to screw each rod end to an angle of the extension beam with one screw each. The easiest way is to attach rod by rod to both supports.


Now plug the two aluminum profiles for wall mounting upside down onto the extension brackets. This allows you to stop the entire drying rack with the profiles in the desired place. Mark the positions of the aluminum holders with a pen.


You can then put the drying rack aside and hold the aluminum profiles alone at the marked point to mark the positions for the drill holes. Be sure to hold the profiles the right way up now. The recesses must be at the bottom so that you can slide in the pull-out supports from top to bottom.


Now drill the appropriate holes and insert the dowels. You can now screw the profiles to the wall with the enclosed screws.

Slide the extension brackets into the profiles and pull the bars away from the wall to use your drying rack. After use, push the rods back to the wall where they are stored to save space.

German Assembly Instructions : HERE

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